Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered the most commonly asked questions from our customers below.

What exactly do you do for me?

We will have a 20 to 30 minute chat with you so we can determine what vehicle you are looking for, find out information on your trade and get some answers if financing is needing to be arranged. Once we have that information, we will find vehicles for you, bring some to you so we can test drive them, and then determine which car best fits your wants and needs. Then we will start negotiating with the dealership.

How much money can you save me?

We are in a weird economy and will not always save you money. If you have a trade, we will make sure the dealership will give you true market value for your trade and if you are financing through the dealership we will make sure the dealership's interest rate reflects your credit.

What makes you different from the Carvanas and CarMaxes?

Our geographic scope is not limited to one dealership. Even with everything Carvana offers you must buy a car from Carvana. Same with CarMax. You only get their "great service" if you are buying their vehicle and as such, you are obligated to them. Rather than obligations, we offer options with vehicle choices from different dealerships and different trade amounts.

Let's Find Your Dream Car

For one fixed rate, you get an effortless car buying experience that easily pays for itself in time and money. Best of all, you get to shop for any car you want at your own convenience.

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