Buy Your Next Car Without Entering a Dealership

We help you find your dream car, negotiate the best deal and complete the paperwork for you. All you have to do is drive it.

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Car buying frustration

Buying a car at a dealership is overwhelming and not fun

You want to know what you're paying for, what you're buying, and how to keep it running.

Why spend your day haggling for a car at a dealership? You have better things to do.

That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect solution for modern-day car shoppers.

Central Texas Car Concierge enables you to buy your next car without dealing with a single salesperson.

The Difference Is Clear

With our personal car buying service, you will never set foot in a dealership again.

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Wait in long lines
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Test drive cars all over town
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Negotiate back and forth
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Get hit with upsells
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Pay a hefty price
Central Texas Car Concierge
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Tell us what car you want
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Test drive it at your convenience
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Pay the best price
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Tailored To You

You pick the car, we pick it up and bring it to you so you can test-drive it. If you like it, you can buy it. If not, no problem. We want you to be happy with your purchase.


Save Time

We handle the negotiation, paperwork, and sales. You no longer have to spend a whole day at the dealership waiting in line and dealing with the hassles of buying a car there.

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Maximize Savings

We know all the areas of the deal dealerships make money on - the trade-in, financing, extended warranties, etc. We negotiate the right deal for you and cut through the upsells.

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No Hassles

No more dealing with tax, title, registration, and financing costs. We handle it all and stay in touch with you all the way. Now you can focus on what matters most - buying a car.

Our Painless Process

Now you can test drive cars from the comfort of your own neighborhood. You choose the cars, we bring them to you. No high-pressure salesmen sitting in the back seat. Get your next vehicle in four easy steps.


Meet With Us

Fill out our contact form. We connect with you virtually or in person for 15 minutes to plan the best experience for you.


Explore Your Options

We pick up cars that you are interested in and bring them to you to test drive. You don't need to go to the dealership.


We Work For You

Once you pick a vehicle, we negotiate its price, as well as handle financing and/or trade-ins if applicable.


Review Without Pressure

We review the offers with you virtually or in person, and you can make a decision. No pressure or obligation to buy from us.

What Our Customers Say

Here's what customers say about our hassle-free car buying service.

Truly incredible service! Brian not only found the car I wanted and saved me a ton money, but was an absolute pleasure to work with. Communicative, detailed, and a really solid guy. Would recommend him to my own mother were she in need of a vehicle!
Alex Nerney

Alex Nerney

Working with Brian has been such a pleasure! He answered the first time I called him. He is very knowledgeable as he used to run dealerships, professional and very punctual. He worked very hard to make sure my daughter got the exact car she wanted and at the best price. He saved me headaches and time that I normally would have had to do myself. If you want to purchase or lease a vehicle, he is your MAN!
Celeste Moore

Celeste Moore

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered the most commonly asked questions from our customers below.

What exactly do you do for me?

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We will have a 20 to 30 minute chat with you so we can determine what vehicle you are looking for, find out information on your trade and get some answers if financing is needing to be arranged. Once we have that information, we will find vehicles for you, bring some to you so we can test drive them, and then determine which car best fits your wants and needs. Then we will start negotiating with the dealership.

How much money can you save me?

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We are in a weird economy and will not always save you money. If you have a trade, we will make sure the dealership will give you true market value for your trade and if you are financing through the dealership we will make sure the dealership's interest rate reflects your credit.

What makes you different from the Carvanas and CarMaxes?

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Our geographic scope is not limited to one dealership. Even with everything Carvana offers you must buy a car from Carvana. Same with CarMax. You only get their "great service" if you are buying their vehicle and as such, you are obligated to them. Rather than obligations, we offer options with vehicle choices from different dealerships and different trade amounts.

Let's Find Your Dream Car

For one fixed rate, you get an effortless car buying experience that easily pays for itself in time and money. Best of all, you get to shop for any car you want at your own convenience.

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