August 13, 2021

Your Wants and Needs

We don't care what brand of car you buy.  We don't care if you want a car or truck or SUV.  We don't care if you want two wheel drive or four wheel drive.  We do not have an agenda to sell you a vehicle from a specific dealership.              

What car do we want you to buy?  That's easy.  The car that best fits your wants and needs.              

"The car that best fits your wants and needs".   Dealerships use that phrase all the time but they leave off a very important second half of the sentence:    

"We want you to buy the car that best fits your wants and needs THAT WE SELL"              

And there lay the conflict.  See, they will spend hours upon hours of your precious time convincing you that their car is what you need.  "Sure it is not EXACTLY what you need but this is the best option."  The reality is that it is not the best option for you but it is the best option for them.   Heck, even those "simple car buying dealerships" still only want you to buy the car from them and will do everything in their power to justify their car being the right car for you.    

Your wants and needs.  We are not affiliated with any car dealerships nor will we ever be.  We are folks who like helping people enjoy their vehicles.  From tee to green, we want you to enjoy your vehicle.                  

HONESTLY, we believe that if the car best fits your wants and needs, that you won't be cornered in a small office and ground on for half a Saturday, and you know that you got a good deal, and the process was actually kind of fun, then our customers will be winning.                

Winning when you buy a car.  Doesn't that sound cool?            

Give us a call at 737-245-1275 and let us make sure you get the quality of service you really deserve.

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