April 20, 2021

You Have A Car Guy

500 salespeople.  That's pretty close to the number of new salespeople we trained in our 25 years of running car dealerships. Trained them to provide our customers with knowledge and customer service that made these customers want to buy their next car from us. We weren't teaching them tricks, but instead, we were teaching proven "sales strategies and tactics".    

Commitment, social proof, high ball, low ball and all these other wonderful "sales strategies and tactics". Of course, they are all designed you herd you into a specific direction--saying "yes" to the car we were showing you.      

At Central Texas Car Concierge, we intimately understand the sales process and in doing so, we are capable of making that sales process work for you. Making that sales process give you an advantage over the dealership.        

What we do for you is pretty simple. We visit for a few minutes to determine how to make this process the best possible process for you. Then we bring you the cars to test drive.  No pushy salesman breathing over your shoulder, so you can make your decisions without being pressured. You can test drive the car without being pressured. We will bring you more cars if necessary. Once you decide on a car, we do all the negotiations for you. You don't have to deal with the back and forth. You don't have to sit hostage in that office for hours on end. We do all of it so you don't have to do any of it.        

If you have a trade in, we get it appraised for you and we negotiate it's value. This is where we are really beneficial because we have access to the same trade in data that the dealerships are using.        

If you plan on financing your new car, we will negotiate all the terms on your behalf. Is it better to use rebates or to use the interest rate specials? Different loan terms can give you drastically different options--options that the dealership doesn't necessarily want you knowing about. We will give you "options instead of obligations". This is something that makes us proud. Knowing that we provide the opportunity for you to make the best decision for your situation.      

We have started this blog because we think it will be fun to talk about what dealerships do. To give you more information about the true process so you can feel better about your decisions. More confident about your decisions.          

Most dealerships aren't using "sleazy tactics" to get you to buy a car from them. No, they are just using simple sales strategies. The problem is that they do this every day. You do it once every three years. Remember, we trained these people.      

And we work for you.            

You now have a "car guy".

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