July 30, 2021

Why Us?

Sometimes, you need to sit down and ask yourself, “why should a customer use us?”  Seriously, we get so busy with work and life and we just run run run and oftentimes forget what we are running for.         

I love the car business.  This will sound weird, but I “get” the car business.  I don’t instinctively understand music.  I don’t instinctively understand calculus or Tik Tok, but the car business.  Well, we go together like peas and carrots.  And my team is the same way.    

So, why should you hire Central Texas Car Concierge to handle your next car purchase?  Well, I will answer that question with a story.               

I ran the 7th most profitable Nissan dealership in the country.  In a market that was 80% smaller than Austin, we were startling profitable.  Oh, we made a bunch of money each time we sold a car because we were good at it, but that wasn’t the whole story.             

Nissan executives would visit us a couple of times a year and tell me that my team was turning down deals if they weren’t profitable enough.  They would read me the riot act and threaten to pull our franchise agreement and I would run my deal analysis report, hand it to them and watch them get embarrassed.  We sold cars all the time that lost money.  But what they had trouble grasping is how efficient we were at the dealership.  Efficient systems and efficient employees.               

Return on investment or ROI is how dealerships judge profitability.  It’s the equalizer because it shows how efficiently a car dealership is operating.  One example of this is when we would arrange financing.  I taught my finance manager’s to always ask a bank to do better than they would initially offer.  It would make our customer’s wait ten more minutes, but we could save them $15 a month or so.               

And we would make an additional $700 or so just for the way we arranged the loan.                        

What made us different from other places is that we would take 10 minutes more time to save our customer’s that $15 even if we didn’t make any more money.  We did it because it was the right thing to do.      

Apologies for jumping on my soapbox.             

Efficiencies.  That’s a big reason why you want CTxCC to handle your next car purchase.  We know all the systematic ways a dealership will profit off of you and we negotiate those for your benefit.  Clean Trade In Value for your car even though it’s got some issues?  Heck yes, they will pay that because they need the inventory.  Make sure they write your loan at the same interest rate the bank is offering?  Yes, because a flat fee is better than no fee.              

Will they sell you the car at a pretty ridiculous price?  Yes because they need to make their volume bonus number.                                 

You want us to handle your next purchase because we want to save you as much money as possible. We want you to know that your deal was the best that could be negotiated.  Negotiated for you by the very same people who once made dealerships hugely profitable.                                 

You let us handle your next vehicle purchase because we care more about your ROI than theirs.

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