May 12, 2021

The Chips Are Down!!!!!

The National Automobile Dealers Association publishes a monthly Used Car Guide and it’s what we use to evaluate a customer’s trade-in. For as long as we have been in the car business, the book (FYI, it’s a yellow book and not a blue book) has been published monthly. That has changed in the past couple of months as used car values have been constantly changing. Why?  

Of all things, computer chips. A computer chip shortage has meant that manufacturers are building cars but they don’t have this one chip that their cars need. The manufacturers must keep building cars to satisfy their unions, so cars are being built and stored.  

In the meantime, dealerships need to keep selling cars so they are willing to pay CRAZY money for your trade-in so they can have inventory on their lot. Seriously, right now, the dealerships with the most inventory are attracting the best quality salespeople. How does this benefit you? NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO TRADE. Especially if you are dealing with negative equity, now is the perfect time to trade because your car is artificially worth more money.  

Call us. Email us. Just reach out to us. Let Central Texas Car Concierge show you how easy it can really be to buy a car. We visit with you for about 30 minutes and then we will get to work. Finding the car you want and taking it to you to test drive. Take your trade to the dealership. Arrange financing for you if necessary. We negotiate all the details so you don’t need to deal with the unpleasant aspects of buying a car.

We take the hassle and worries out of buying a car.

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