October 11, 2021

Steak And Sizzle

Hello everyone, and I hope you have a great week.  When I was training my car salespeople, one of the things I always wanted them to find out was what the customer was going to use the vehicle for because knowing this info gave me so much more control over the sales process.      
This part of the sales process is called "qualifying the customer" or sometimes it's called "determining the customer's wants and needs".  Just to be clear, it is the dealership "helping" you determine your wants and needs, and this is a HUGE step in the sales process.  HUGE because when done properly it is helpful to the customer and when done selfishly, it is profitable to the dealership.      
As the consumer, being asked, "What are you going to use the car for?" is a normal question and answering, "it's my daily driver" is seemingly not harmful.  But it did one thing:  It got you talking.  See, a good salesperson will know to ask questions and then shut up and listen to the answers.  The more you talk the more information you are giving.  
"What are you going to use the car for?" is the NEED.      
We wanted to find out the WANT because that was really how we made our money.   See, the NEED is often times not "sexy".  It's emotionless.  We often call it the steak.  But the WANT is sexy.  The WANT is full of emotion.  It's the sizzle and we LOVE the sizzle.  
But a bad steak can still sizzle.        
You see, the qualifying process is REALLY about learning what makes you excited because we wanted to tap into that excitement.  Dealerships want you emotional because emotions make different monetary decisions than if you are being logical.    
Do you know why dealerships don't want to talk price on the lot?  Because there is nothing exciting about price, so they keep talking about the vehicle and in so doing, keep you excited for it.  Keeping you emotional, because the more emotionally invested you are in the car, the more likely you are to not just buy it, but to pay more money than you should.    
But none of this matters when we shop for you.  We want you excited about the car that best fits your wants and needs.  We don't have a loyalty to a car brand or car dealership.  Our loyalty is to you and we take pride is helping you.    
We love making this entire process easy for you.  We love making the process stress free to you.  We love it when at the end, our customers tell us that it was even better than they expected.      
We don't qualify you, but instead, we just listen to you.  Offer advice when asked.  We will ask questions when necessary, but not to trap you but to make sure we understand what you want and need.  We ask questions to help.  To help YOU.    
When we at the car dealership shopping for your next car, we have a natural "buffer" built in.  When asked, "What are you using the car for?", we can tell them the car is not for us, so now, the dealership cannot use our emotions against you.  This is probably our customer's favorite reason to use us.  The dealership can't use your words against you and you don't get backed into a corner.      
When you use us to handle your car buying, there is a little less sizzle to the process, but the steak sure does taste good.    
Give us a call at 737-245-1275 or fill out this CONTACT FORM.  We really will make buying a car fun and easy.

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