August 18, 2021

Sit Back And Relax

I started a subscription to an automobile news service called, "Automotive News".  Normally you get a big magazine delivered once a week and when I was running my car dealerships, kicking back and reading it was something I looked forward to.  Anyway, I now like being at least a little green so this time I just got the online subscription.  I have had it for a week and it's nice to spend a few minutes everyday just reading.          
One thing that has stood out to me is the amount of advertising being done on products whose sole purpose is to allow dealerships to make more money off of you.   Oh, some of the products advertised make the dealerships more efficient when dealing with customers but the majority of the products are designed to allow the dealership to make more money off of you.
Different types of sales training for example.  To you and I, it sounds like a good idea but the result of this training will actually be to teach sales people how to back you into a corner.  In other words, to make you feel like you have to give them the answer they want to hear.  I have trained hundreds of sales people to do just that--to line the questions so that we would get a favorable answer.  Favorable answer was defined as an answer that allowed us to justify charging you more money.  
Dealership:  "you want the best ownership experience possible don't you?"    
Customer:  "yes".    
Dealership:  "great!!!  This product is the best and it ONLY costs you..."    
Customer:  "!$1%&!$"      
With CTxCC, we know this question is coming so we know how to turn it back on them.  To put the dealership on the offensive.  To make the dealership say, "!$1%&!$"    
And it is pretty fun when it happens.              
Getting you to pay more money is a multi-billion dollar a year sub industry of the car world.  Heck, your typical dealership has more resources at it's disposal than it is using.  Consultants, 20 groups, sales trainers, factory representatives, and factory trainers just to name a few.  All of them paid big big money so you will pay big money.    
You go to the dealership wanting to simply look around and that experience blows up on you and you feel like a jack rabbit surrounded by wolves.  Scurrying around dodging all their questions.  Frankly, it just makes the process...gross.      
But we have your back.  We understand why they do what they do and so we can use their actions against them.    
Dealership:  "Do you want to have the best ownership experience possible?"    
Us:  "Wait--are you saying I won't get the best customer service experience possible from you?"        
Dealership:  "gurgle, gurgle, gurgle".  Then they just start trying to justify what they are about to sell you.    
My example in this post might seem a little goofy, but "best ownership experience possible" is a phrase consultants are actually advising dealerships to say because it easily backs you into a corner.  After all, the unsaid part of the question is if you say "no", you are justifying a crappy ownership experience.  It's that binary thinking that they try to get you to follow.      
So why do you hire us?  Well, we are wolves.  Wolves who know their tactics.  Know their strategies.  We know the road map they follow and we are experts at changing the destination.  We are experts at using their tactics against them.  We know what the consultants are telling them to do.  What the trainers are telling them to say.  And we know why they are saying those things.  That's what makes us so effective.  We understand the why of the their tactics which makes their tactics ineffective.            
You need to buy a car but you dread it.  That's the old way of handling this.    

Now, you need to buy a car you call us.  Then you sit back and relax.  That's the new way of handling this.    
Give us a call at 737-245-1298.  We make buying a car easy for you.  And fun.

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