April 21, 2021

Saying Yes Is Expensive

It's a nice car, but you don't want to show any emotion. You don't want to let the salesman know you REALLY like the car. You are a rock. There is no way that salesman will be able to sell you this car because you are not going to let him "win".    

I am summarizing what a customer told me one time and honestly, he was flummoxed regarding the sale. "I came in to look and walked out an owner". "Can't believe I'm buying a car". At LEAST half of our customers would say something like that to us. How did it happen? Seriously, how do you walk in determined not to buy a car and yet drive out in a new car?          

It's easy--we didn't sell you a car. We sold you "parts" of the car. Let me give you some examples:    

Isn't the sunroof nice?    

Don't you think those chrome wheels look sharp?  

Can you see yourself going on vacation in this car?      

Hey, feel this leather. Isn't it soft?      

I trained my salespeople this: Get 19 yesses from a customer and the 20th yes will be EASY. Psychologists use the term "commitment" to describe what we were doing. If you say yes to enough parts about the car, then the car MUST be a good deal.      

Once I get enough yesses, then it's time for the 20th question: If I make you a GREAT deal, you'll buy this car won't you?                          

The salesperson is asking you questions. Do you like this feature? Do you like that feature? If you say "no" they are going to show you cars you probably don't like. If you don't answer them, the salesperson is going to go get a different salesperson and now you have two salespeople to tend with. You are standing outside in the middle of a car lot and yet you feel boxed in.          

Psychologists call it "commitment" and car dealerships are masters of commitment. Ever wondered why you have to sign your name telling them that you will buy the car if the price is right? Feature by feature you answer and yet, once I have those 19 yesses, you are now liking the car.            

Saying yes cost you a new car. "But I never said I like the car!!!" Of course not. We wouldn't ask you to commit to an expensive car. But we will ask you if you like the features of that expensive car. Each yes took us closer to you sitting in a finance office signing for a car you didn't know you wanted.  

What makes Central Texas Car Concierge different? Well, we are not buying the car, so when a salesperson asks us, "Do you like this feature?" we can honestly say it doesn't matter to us because the car is not for us. Since we are not buying the car, then commitment is not a viable sales tool for the dealership to us. In fact, it is a useless tool for them. Folks, this is a big one to take away from them.

Over the next few weeks, we will write about these dealership sales strategies.  More importantly, we are going to tell you more about the dealership's sales processes and how using Central Texas Car Concierge keeps you from having having to deal with those strategies.    

We know what they are going to do before they know what they are going to do.

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