August 20, 2021

Gin and Tonic on the Patio

It's been a long week--a good week but a long week.  We've helped a few customers and made a few friends.  Laughed too hard at our Dad jokes. But the reality is that you just gotta say it's been a winning week.  
But our week isn't done yet because we have some customers to help tomorrow (Saturday).  What will we be doing?  Going to a few dealerships, and negotiating some trade in values and car purchase prices.    
Those dealerships are going to try and cram us in an office.  They will "check with their manager" about 10 times.  Offer us about 50 cups of coffee.  But mostly, they are going to be annoying.  Annoying because we know what they can REALLY sell us the cars for.  We know what their real cost is.      
And yet, they are going to hem and haw and basically waste about 6 hours of our day to get to the offer we first made.  Oh, the real disagreement will be over the values of the trades because we are damn sure going to ask for a lot more than they are really worth.    
The first number we offer on trade in value is always higher than the audience at a Grateful Dead concert.  Our first price offer for the new car is always startlingly low.  That's what dealerships do but in reverse.  The car price is really high and the trade offer is really low.    
We just do to them what they want to do to you.      
So, we are going to spend our Saturday at a few car dealerships.    
What will our customer's be doing?  Well, anything they want, but they darn sure won't be sitting around at a car dealership.  They won't be crammed into a cubicle.
You are working hard and want to enjoy your time off.  You want to relax and not be stressed out all weekend.    
Buying a car should be fun but it just isn't.  Dealerships have too much money on the line and so the more time you spend at the dealership, the more likely they are to buy from you.    
Yes, consultants taught us that.  Get the customer to spend more time at the dealership and they are more likely to buy from the dealership.  "NO!!!  Just wait here while I get with my boss".  "You know what, wait here and give me a minute--I have an idea."      
Heck you simply want a fair deal when buying a car but again, the dealership has too much money on the line to make that happen.  Do you know how a car dealership defines "good deal"?  It is defined as the price the customer will agree to pay.  So in a dealership's mind, a good deal is different for each customer based on the customer's price point.  But frankly, from your standpoint, that is a horse hockey.  They corner you in an office, it feels like they beat you down and half the time you are saying yes just to end the ordeal.  It is crazy that is done that way.        
But don't worry.  We've got your back.  We will sit there and wait while the salesperson "gets with the manager".  We will sit there and wait while they take an hour to appraise your trade.  We will sit there and wait while they try to find the keys to the car you want to buy.      
We will just sit there and drink their bad coffee because we know what's going to ultimately happen.  They will pay your price or we will walk.  They want to prey on your emotions but we remove emotions from the process.  We keep it focused on dollars and we want you to keep as much of your dollars as possible.  
Anyway, imagine this:  Tomorrow, you are sitting on your back patio.  Enjoying your refreshing gin and tonic with a twist of lime.  Hanging out with friends and family having fun.    
And we are buying your car for you.    
We love making the car buying process fun and easy, so give us a shout.   Our number is 737-245-1275.

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