July 13, 2021

Crazy Stupid Money For You

Back in May we wrote about the used car market just absolutely crazy and it is still not slowing down.      


CNN On July 2nd      


In May, we told you the about the chip shortage creating part of this problem and now, manufacturers are finally able to get new cars out to dealerships.  You can now save big big money!!!  Car manufacturers desperately want market share so they have kept incentives on their vehicles.  Yes, even with a shortage, you were still offered rebates or special financing to buy a new car.      


What we want to do is walk you through some math. Right now, when you buy a new car, you are going to get a pretty good deal.  But your trade in is going to bring crazy money.  But not crazy for you.  Right now, you have more equity in your trade in than at this time last year.  Your car easily could be worth more than it was at this time last year.  You have a fixed new car price.  You have a high trade in value.          


Now is the time to trade in your vehicle and get something new.    Get peak trade in value while buying a fixed cost new vehicle.  You have less negative equity now due to this crazy market.  You have more positive equity due to the crazy market.  This allows you to get max value for your car while buying a new car.        


There is ONE problem.  The actual dealership.  They are being stingy on the prices.  Trying to hold back on the trade (steal the trade).  Trying to hold back on rebates(steal the rebates).  And they are really wanting to maximize their profits if you finance with them.    


This is where Central Texas Car Concierge steps in for you.  You tell us what you are looking for and we find it, bring it to you and let you drive it. Just drive it.  Make sure the car fits your wants and needs, and if it does fit your wants and needs, we go to work.        


·        We will negotiate the price of the car you are buying.          

·        We will negotiate the trade in value of your car.  We literally have access to the auction value of your car last week.  In other words, we will maximize the amount of money your car trades in for.        

·       If you need financing, will negotiate all the terms of the financing with the dealership.  


Look, buying a car SHOULD be fun, but the dealership processes keep that from happening.  By having us do all the negotiating for you, we effectively remove the dealership from your car buying process.  You won’t have some salesman breathing down your neck.   Asking leading questions in an attempt to trap you into saying yes.  Going to a car dealership is frustrating.    

We give you options instead of obligations so buying a car can actually be fun.

If you want to check us out a bit more, head over to Central Texas Car Concierge and look through the website.  If you have specific questions, just give us a call at

737-245-1275.  We would love to speak with you.






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